What happens in a manicure?

A good Nail Technician/Beauty Therapist should always use steralised tools, check to see if there is a blue pot of Barbicide on the table with the tools in.

A manicure should start with your therapist spraying a hand sanitiser on your hands and theirs.  There should be a quick check of the clients hands for any little cuts, nail infections eczema etc. Any current nail polish will be removed as well your nails shaped and filed. There are many ways you can have your nails shaped from rounded to square tipped. Some nails will break much easier if they are shaped wrong. Going with the natural shape  of your nail as it will ensure stronger nails.

A cuticle cream will be put on to your cuticles, your nails will be soaked briefly then your cuticles pushed down. It’s not recommended to have your cuticles trimmed,  It’s something that we never do.

Have you ever exfoliated your hands? It’s an area we all forget about, An exfoliation is included in all of our Manicures.

Our Manicures will include a very relaxing hand massage, The massage will include techniques to completely relax your hands.

We will use a hand cream that is designed for your skin type. Our skin needs moisture, especially hands which get subjected to all weathers, chemicals and constant washing of hands. As we age skin naturally loses moisture, Hand creams help to restore moisture and elasticity in the skin.

Everyone should carry a cuticle oil in their hand bag, we sell hand bag sized cuticle oils, moisture and vitamins from the oil helps to keep your nails strong and stop them from breaking.