Facial Treatments

For instant results this anti-ageing skin renewing treatment facial range helps the skin function correctly for itself, resulting in a noticeably smoother refined and healthy glowing skin.  If you are unsure which treatment is best suited to your skin, please contact us for advice.


Nimue Deluxe Rejuvenation Treatment


1hr 30mins


An ultimate anti-ageing treatment from Nimue. A technology advanced revitalising facial, individually created for your skin requirements. Utilising Nimue Bio active complex with a collagen rich mask, an antioxidant intensive serum is applied to the face and neck. This treatment maximises a youthful, revitalised and radiant complexion.


Nimue Rejuvenation Treatment   




Includes hand and arm massage and eyebrow tidy. This treatment is recommended for environmentally damaged, pigmentation or acne skin types.


Bio Active  Complex  is applied to the skin for a radiant, smoother texture and lightening of pigmentation. This is recommended in weekly or two weekly courses of 6-12 treatments.


Nimue  Advanced Rejuvenation Treatment


1hr 15mins


Includes hand and arm massage and eyebrow tidy.  The advanced rejuvenation treatment is recommended for severely environmentally damaged and acne skins.


Nimue Lite is applied to the skin for a deeper exfoliation resulting in a radiant, smoother texture and lightening of pigmentation. This treatment benefits facial scarring and is anti-ageing.


Courses of treatments are individually recommended by your Nimue skin care therapist.


Nimue  Specialised Treatment




Includes shoulder and neck massage and pressure point facial massage.


This is a specialised pampering treatment, customised to the client’s specific skin needs, with all the essentials including cleanse, exfoliate, massage and masque. Designed to treat environmentally damaged, acne prone and hyper pigmented skin types as a monthly “pamper” treatment.


Nimue  Deep  Cleanse Treatment    




This 40 minute deep cleansing treatment provides instant results, and is the perfect lunchtime facial.  It is designed for all skin types and is especially  beneficial just before applying make up to give absolutely flawless finish.


Therapy Treat




Nimue deep cleanse facial, Eyelash tint, Eyebrow tidy, Manicure or Pedicure.


C.A.C.I.  Ultra-Facial Rejuvenation Treatment


C.A.C.I. Is well known as the market leader in non-surgical, non-invasive facial rejuvenation. A C.A.C.I. – Ultra facial treatment incorporates micro-current lifting, ultra sound and futur-tec grade 2 laser.  Clients can expect an immediate and dramatic result from 1 treatment but usually a course of 10 treatments is recommended.


Per Treatment                                     £65.00 1hr 30mins

Course of 10 Treatments                    £585.00

C.A.C.I.  Hydra Tone                           £20.00


Intensive skin hydration and face firming in just 20 mins. Hydra Tone combines active microcurrent rollers with a

unique, electrically conductive gel mask that is infused with powerful hydrating properties, (collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E).


with C.A.C.I.  Ultra                          £15.00


Neals Yard Organic Facials


Rehydrating Rose Facial    




Organic Damask and Rose plant oils and extracts are used to deep cleanse, moisturise and soften your skin.  Includes hand/arm massage plus a scalp massage with NYR Rosemary and Cedarwood hair treatment.


Rejuvenating Anti Ageing Frankincense Facial




An incredibly rejuvenating anti ageing treatment using elasticity boosting plant extracts to visibly firm your skin.

Includes hand/arm massage plus a scalp massage with NYR Rosemary and Cedarwood hair treatment.


Oxyjet Energising Facial Therapy




An Oxygen Facial Treatment for younger skin, brides or clients in need of a hydrating skin boost.


Oxyjet Oxyzone  Preventative Facial Therapy    


1hr 15mins


with Microdermabrasion



An anti ageing non invasive facial treatment with a collagen mask and natural active serums are applied in a stream of pure oxygen.


Oxyjet Beautytox Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation  Treatment



with Microdermabrasion



Beautytox is a shot to the deepest layers of skin,using pulsed pressure of pure oxygen, resulting in smoothing lines and wrinkles, amplifying collagen production.


CACI Eye/Lip Treatment 




Oxyeye  Treatment               




Oxygen pressure application and collagen eye mask to help firm and hydrate frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet.


Oxylip Treatment    




Using a peptide and collagen lip mask to volumise lips and plump vertical lip lines.




V-Beauty Facial Red Vein Removal


V-Beauty red vein removal is the latest treatment for facial thread veins. Unlike other treatments V-Beauty uses a high current frequency to thermo coagulate the blood supply.  The treatment is relatively painless with instant results.  There is no bruising, a walk in/walk out treatment, and has no side effects. Please telephone to book for a consultation prior to treatment.



Includes a complimentary follow up treatment


Nouveau  Contour Roller    



The ultimate anti-ageing treatment, designed to tighten and brighten the skin.  The rollers needles create microchannels into the skin, which allow the serums active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. Research shows the selected treatment serum is absorbed up to 10,000 times more than applying a cream to the skin.  This treatment is recommended for


  • skin regeneration
  • Crows feet
  • reducing pigmentation problems
  • Sun Damage
  • Scars
  • sagging skin