Massage FAQs

I have back pain, can you help me?

It depends what kind of back pain it is. For first time back pain we would recommend you go to see a doctor first then if a doctor refers you to me we can treat it. If it is mainly muscular aches rather than a pulled muscle, we can deal with that. If it is tensions and knots caused by stress, we can also deal with that. If you have a sports injury, it is better to go to see a Sports Therapist, we are not as well equipped to deal with that type of back pain


What is included in a full body massage?

Back, front of legs, back of legs, shoulder, neck, head, face and arms. Females can have their stomach massaged if they wish.


What do I wear for a massage?

For a back, neck and shoulder massage you keep all your clothes on your lower body on, the towel can just be tucked into your waistband.  For a full body massage you will be required to remove most of your clothes apart from your underwear on your lower body. The therapist will go out of the room whilst you get ready, leaving a towel and blanket on the bed for you to get under, and then you shout when you are ready, and the therapist will come in and make sure you are comfortable. It is most important to preserve our client’s modesty at all times, and only the area being massaged will be uncovered at any one time.  This also makes sure the client is kept warm during the treatment.


Can I have a massage whilst pregnant?

I’m afraid we cannot offer massage treatment during pregnancy as we do not have supportive equipment to enable the expectant mum to be comfortable.


I have scar tissue, can I still have a massage?

Scar tissue needs to be healed for at least 6 months before the skin can be massaged, sometimes longer depending on the amount of scar tissue.  Please contact us for an assessment.

Other contra-indications that would prevent treatment are:

Unidentified lumps or swelling, skin disorders or diseases, bruising, sunburn, diabetes, loss of skin sensation, fractures or sprains, defective circulation, deep vein thrombosis, cancer, having chemotherapy or radiotherapy, high or low blood pressure, phlebitis, being on medication such as warfarin, epilepsy, raised varicose veins, cuts and abrasions, heat rash, warts, and hairy moles. If any of these conditions apply and you have booked your  treatment, please phone the salon to re-arrange your appointment.