9th April 2015 – Blog No 2

Over the past few weeks I have seen an increase in clients who’s self esteem and confidence is being knocked by facial thread veins.  I thought I would make my blog all about facial thread veins, to give you some facts and to show you what I can do to help anyone suffering from them.


I’ve had one lady recently who is taking ages to get ready in the mornings because she is taking so long trying to disguise and hide her thread veins on her cheeks. I have talked to her about my V Beauty machine before but she thought it was going to be painful and this put her off. Using V Beauty I did a small test patch for her on her cheek, oh how I wish she had let me take photos. She wouldn’t because obviously she was really paranoid about these red spider like lines all over her face and didn’t want anyone to see them. For me to  see what had been bothering her instantly disappear as a Therapist made my day, she couldn’t believe her eyes and commented that she was so pleased that she had said yes to my consultation and test patch that day.


With Spring here and summer in its way, and knowing how hard it is to keep a full face of make up on in the summer, I wondered how many of you might be suffering in silence too? If the thought of having to carry your make up with you to keep ‘topping up’ during the day is filling you with dread then you best read on.


So, what exactly are facial thread veins and why do I have them? Medically they are know as Telangiectasia which is the correct name for broken veins or thread veins, they are tiny blood vessels that are really close to the skins surface, unfortunately, they tend to form as we get older and our skin becomes less elastic. They can be hereditary, they can be cause by extreme weather conditions or something as simple as walking the dog and your face becoming exposed to wind or sun without wearing the correct facial SPF.


Using V Beauty which is a high current microwave frequency, facial thread veins can be treated easily. Veins are thermo coagulated (they turn in on themselves and come out with your natural body waste). The treatment is relatively painless with instant results, there’s no bruising, no side effects and the sensation can be likened to the same as an elastic band flicking on your skin.


The amount of treatments needed depend on the number of veins and their size, with V beauty you should notice a difference straight away on your first treatment.


There are lots of different thread vein removal treatments on the market, and as with every condition there are always lots of different ways for things to be treated.  Personally, I have been using V Beauty for around 8 years. I find it cost effective to the client, it enables me to reach thread veins that are in tricky places on the face. I tend to have a lot of clients who have previously had IPL/Laser and they still have veins visible.


So, I guess by now you are wondering what I can do to help you and your thread veins. (I bet you’ve looked in the mirror by now to see if you have any!) if you haven’t got any you are very lucky indeed, do you have any facial skin tags or milia? as I can treat these too.


As with all treatments consultations are always free. The treatment is £150 this covers 1 treatment and your follow up treatment 3-4 weeks later.


As a Therapist I have been visibly moved by clients who are just dealing with their facial thread veins when I know that I can help, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a client leave the salon with a spring in their step. It makes my job even more satisfying.


Get in touch, what are you waiting for?


I look forward to welcoming you soon.


Kelly x